15 Reasons Why Dogs Are The Best Pets

By mehdii zovick - October 22, 2019


The relationship between humans and dogs has long been recognized as one of the strongest bonds around - even if they, at some point, will inevitably try to steal the sausage from your dish.

That's why we think dogs are the best pets ever ...

1. They are incredibly loyal. No wonder 45% of dog owners recently admitted that they tell their dogs everything - we know we can trust them to be with us!

2. Their positive attitude is contagious. Dogs get excited about the simplest things - sticks, discarded food wrappers, a trip to the corner shop - so you can appreciate the little things in life. No one can be sad with his tail friend.

3. She's good at cuddles. There are not many things that come alive on the couch, snuggle with a cup of tea at hand and your arm around a nap.

4. They make you active - even when you're not really troubled to go for a walk, the need to "walk" means you have to go there. You are always happy that you have undergone exercise.

Dogs Are The Best Pets

Dogs Are The Best Pets
5. They do their business abroad. Unlike cats, you don't need to keep the litter box inside when you own a dog - although you'll always find yourself carrying stool bags!

6. They love you again. Scientists have discovered that dogs release the love hormone oxytocin when interacting with humans. We always knew they liked us too!

7. Always happy when you get home. Although teens may welcome you with grunt when you return from the office, your dog will be positive when you arrive.

8. They make you chat with people. Any dog ​​owner will know that walking your pet is a surefire way to start conversations with animal lovers. In a world where people are increasingly isolated, this is wonderful.

9. Make sure not to waste food. If you're full of dinner but can't think of moving any leftovers to the garbage, you'll always find a small fur trash to help you.

10. They make you laugh. Whether by chance rotating the couch or giving you a crowded eye and making fun of a bacon sandwich without offering you any, dogs will always make you laugh at their strange behavior. And nothing beats a bit of laughter.

11. Dogs increase your mood dramatically! Spending 10-25 minutes with your dog can help you feel comfortable and relaxed, which reduces stress and increases happiness. Playing with a puppy increases the levels of dopamine and serotonin in your mind, both neurotransmitters associated with happiness and calmness. So the next time you feel frustrated, This dog will put a smile on your face.

12. Having a dog improves your physical health and promotes a healthy fitness routine. Definitely! Your dog requires daily exercise as well as you! Dog owners are responsible for playing with their dogs and their work, so it makes sense for people to be more active.
Dogs Are The Best Pets

Dogs Are The Best Pets
13. Humans with dogs recover more quickly from diseases. Dog owners have a significantly higher cure rate than patients compared to non-dog owners. In fact, people with shacks who suffered heart attacks were more likely to recover completely than those who did not suffer!

14. Dogs make excellent service and alert animals. Canines provide excellent service escorts when properly trained for people with disabilities. They can be trained to bring medicines, relieve the stressful position of the human being, and even detect an approaching epileptic seizure.

15. Children with dogs in their families miss less school. Yes that's right. We all know that children adore puppies completely, but research has shown that children from dog households have a better attendance at school because of better overall health and less disease than having a puppy at home.



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